Thabang Ngwenya (Own and Manage Founder)

Discover the Inspirational Journey of Thabang Ngwenya: Advocate for Community Empowerment;

In a compelling article featuring Thabang Ngwenya, the visionary founder of Own and Manage, we encounter a thought-provoking statement: “If you’re a voice for a community, then you’re a voice for something more than yourself.” Meet Thabang Ngwenya, a dedicated lecturer within the University of Pretoria’s prestigious Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment, and Information Technology (EBIT). Beyond his academic pursuits, Thabang is also the co-founder of Keep That Gold Shining NPC, an organization passionately committed to empowering South African learners. In this article, Thabang Ngwenya opens up about his transformative journey, providing valuable insights into his mission of community empowerment. Join us as we explore his remarkable story and the impact he’s making in the lives of South African youth.

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I am a patient individual who enjoys my own space and keeps to myself, sharing only when necessary. I am observant and caring. I describe myself as someone who is quiet yet possesses a voice of influence, a natural-born leader, and a doer with passion and purpose. I am driven to find happiness and to make decisions that will positively influence the world throughout my life and beyond. 

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