Management Consulting

  • NPO Impact Optimisation: Our specialised management consulting service helps non-profit organisations (NPOs) measure and communicate the impact of their programs effectively. We provide impact assessment, data analysis, reporting, and capacity building to enhance NPOs’ effectiveness in the community.
  • Strategic Growth Partnership: Our management consulting services assist businesses and NPOs in developing and executing effective strategic plans. We identify growth opportunities, set clear objectives, analyse market trends, and create actionable plans for sustainable business growth, fostering the sustainability of SDGs.
  • Change Leadership Expertise: We help organisations adapt to change seamlessly through our change management and organisational transformation services. Our expert guidance ensures a smooth transition during technological, structural, or cultural shifts.
  • Operational Efficiency Services: Improve efficiency across organisations of all sizes with our operational efficiency and process improvement services. Our assessments identify bottlenecks and recommend improvements, enhancing productivity, reducing costs, and optimising resource allocation.
  • Financial and Performance Analysis: Our financial analysis services, including budgeting, forecasting, profitability analysis, and risk management, empower businesses to make well-informed financial decisions, ensuring long-term sustainability.

Business advisory

  • Resource Efficiency Enhancement: Our business advisory services focus on optimising internal operations for resource efficiency. We streamline processes related to student guidance, support services, and entrepreneurial advice, allowing for effective resource allocation.

Academic Services

  • Quality Education Solutions: Our academic services include tutoring, tutor training, research and e-learning platform development. We promote quality education by offering subject-specific tutoring, ensuring tutors are well-prepared, and facilitating easy access to educational resources in multiple languages.
  • Policy-Driven Thought Leadership: Leverage our academic partnerships to create impactful thought leadership content, including whitepapers and research-based insights. We influence policy and industry practices positively through research and analysis. 

Life Coaching

  • Career Development Coaching: Our life coaching services focus on guiding students and young professionals through career transitions and development. We foster well-rounded leaders who understand community needs and are prepared for entrepreneurship and leadership roles

Digital Transformation

  • Website Development: Our expert team will help you to build websites that will help you to grow your business online.  
  • Automation services: Leverage the power of automation in your businesses so that your revenue will grow while you sleep.
  • Mobile App Development: Our expert team will also help you to build your mobile app.
  • Digital Marketing: Our team will guide you on how to reach your target customer online and grow your business  

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