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To empower the leaders to become owners and managers of a complex system that encompasses community engagement, education, and entrepreneurship. The primary goal is to foster well-rounded leaders who possess a deep understanding of the needs of our social communities and who recognise the critical role that entrepreneurship and education play in driving sustainable change in social communities. 

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  • Community engagement: Collaborate with NPOs to achieve greater impact in the community. 
  • Education system: Implement quality teaching and promote a well-renowned education system where knowledge areas are translated in all South African and African languages and knowledge area trends are implemented. 
  • Entrepreneurial business: Work hand in hand with the government to reach sustainable development goals and collaborate with start-ups to promote the sustainability of the SDGs. 
Message from the Founder

“As a Systems Engineer and devoted Social Entrepreneur, I firmly hold the belief that education is a constantly changing and a dynamic force. It is imperative for us to bridge the knowledge gap that exists between different generations. My aspiration is not just to impart knowledge, but to catalyse change by intertwining community engagement, education, and entrepreneurship, all while delving deep into the bedrock of engineering principles. Our world is burgeoning in complexity. From the arenas of politics, economy, and energy to the pressing concerns of climate change, health security, and water conservation, the intricate challenges we grapple with are numerous. Traditional engineering methodologies, though invaluable, cannot singularly navigate this labyrinth of intricacy. A paradigm shift is needed—one that views challenges through the holistic lens of Systems Thinking. Central to my ethos is the intrinsic value of every human being. It is my staunch belief that collaboration, underscored by mutual respect and understanding, is the cornerstone of sustainability. My journey has been characterised by continuous exploration, probing into the domains of systems engineering, robotics, artificial intelligence, engineering education, and enterprise engineering. I find synergy in collaborating with industry stalwarts, governmental agencies, and academic institutions. Together, we are on a mission to pioneer sustainable pathways, not only for Africa but for our global community. My commitment extends beyond research and enterprise. I am privileged to spearhead community initiatives with “Keep That Gold Shining NPC”, in partnership with the JCP module at the University of Pretoria and various esteemed partners. Our endeavours range from tutoring and mentorship to career guidance and ICT projects, all meticulously crafted to ignite the latent potential within our youth. The joy derived from community service is unparalleled, and I am steadfast in my belief that true transformation is birthed from genuine community engagement. In essence, my journey, our journey, is about weaving knowledge, community, and innovation into a tapestry of meaningful change. Join us in this quest, as we reimagine a world where education, enterprise, and empathy converge to craft a brighter, sustainable future”

Thabang Ngwenya

Why Own & Manage ?

The Company’s overall vision is to turn its dream of competent economic systems, quality education, and sustainable entrepreneurship into a reality. The mission is focused on empowering the  leaders who understand the needs of their communities and are equipped to make a positive impact through entrepreneurship and education. The company believes in the power of collaboration and effective communication to drive improvement and promote transparency.

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What Students Say

Lethabo Mpotoane

A question was asked, "What do you want to do with your life?". A platform was provided, "Own and Manage". For me it's not so much about the platform, but rather the individual who started the platform (Thabang). It's personal as I really had no one to look up to academically and also among somethings in my life. I can start by saying Thabang inspired me to live a life beyond myself, "to be a voice for others". That the impact of my life is greater and better when others are able to observe and want to be like me. As a result, I want to live my life in such a way that when someone looks at me, she/he can say, "that's good news

Arnold Mabope

In 2019, as a first-year student, I joined Own and Manage, an organization that would become instrumental in my academic and personal development. Through group sessions focusing on calculus revision and open discussions about the challenges of university life, Own and Manage significantly contributed to my academic success and fostered a sense of mutual support among fellow students. Additionally, my involvement led me to Keep That Gold Shining (KTG), where I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Lelanie Smith, an aeronautics expert. Dr. Smith's mentorship ignited my passion for aviation, allowing me to build a drone from scratch and explore exciting opportunities. Thabang, a prominent member of Own and Manage, served as a dependable mentor and advisor, providing unwavering support. Own and Manage extends beyond varsity life, and it offers a strong foundation for both academic and future career growth

Lesego Malekana

Own and Manage has been beneficial in various ways, helping me to interact with people of different professions and finding ways on how we can work together. Through this platform I have met many unique people that can bring out more to the world. The aim of this programme was to enlighten us on how we can create our own businesses or companies from our professions and try to create source of income without relying on someone to hire you. I think it has so much potential and can really elevate many of us

Gloria Khoza

Own and Manage has been my unwavering support system on my journey to higher education and personal growth. I can't thank them enough for guiding me towards realizing my dream of studying BCom Accounting Sciences at the University of Pretoria and becoming the responsible leader that I am today. I vividly remember the challenges I faced in 2019 when I was initially rejected for the BCom Accounting Sciences program. It was a disheartening moment but Own and Manage was there. They equipped me with the essential tools and knowledge to successfully enter my desired course. With their guidance and support, I managed to transfer to the BCom Accounting Sciences program in 2021, a significant milestone in my academic journey. Own and Manage's impact goes beyond academics. They've been with me every step of the way, helping me transition smoothly from high school to university life. Their guidance has extended to various aspects of my life, assisting me in navigating personal challenges and offering solutions to academic hurdles. Whether it's a tough course, personal struggles, or other life problems, Own and Manage has always been there to provide valuable advice and support. I can confidently say that Own and Manage is more than just a Company with the aim of being in business, they are mentors, advisors, and partners who genuinely care about your success and well-being. I owe a significant part of my journey to them, and I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking guidance and support in their academic, Business, community service and personal pursuits. Own and Manage is a beacon of hope in the journey of life.

Elisha Kgareng

I was introduced to Own and Manage in 2021 when I started with my varsity journey. I met influential people who were always encouraging me on hard work and to never lose, specifically to never give up. Everyone was interactive more especially during the meetings which were held. I went through a lot during my first year but Own and Manage made means not to make me feel alone, even though sometimes I'd lose patience. They were always there and still are. Up to this day, Own and Manage is still fighting to influence positive growth and good decision taking. I learnt that some of the things you can do them better through teamwork, Own and Manage has been there experiencing my struggles and making means to help me tackle them. There's a story to tell but all in all I appreciate Own and Manage for helping me shape a greater future. I felt the need to do this because Own and Manage paves a great future and growth. This is a way of thanking each and every team member who has been there for me

Sisipho Zukhaliphe Macingwane

My name is Sisipho Zukhaliphe Macingwane and I am a product of good mentorship. I’m currently juggling between work and finishing off my honours degree in quantity surveying. Own and Manage has challenged me to enter in and own spaces I never saw myself in. I was kind of limited in the way I thought and saw myself, so I’d typically see big things for other people and not for myself. Being around a bunch of confident goal oriented individuals who are so firm and comfortable in who they are has rubbed off. I’m now able to see and dream big for myself, but most importantly fearlessly chase after those dreams with great support coming from people who are like-minded. It is true that - “You become what you surround yourself with. Energies are contagious. Choose carefully. Your environment will become you” - I am so grateful to be a part of Own and Manage, it has brought so much value in my life.

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